Both heads of BioServe have a wide range of epxpertise, not just as scientists but also as a team which has professional skills and a lot of expertise in "translating" scientific results into sounding publications, even for the public at large. Specifically BioServe offers services in the following topics:


  • Fish- and fish larvae biology
  • Fish larval nutrition and digestion physiology, including the development of microparticulate feed (Microdiets)
  • Hatchery design for research and production in developing countries including solar power supply
  • Fish aquaculture
  • Digital tools to support teaching and learning in aquaculture and aquatic sciences education
  • Public relation (presentations for lay persons, print- and online publications) in a wide variety of topics in biology
  • High quality photographie and aerial drone surveys, including professional photo- and video editing
  • Specialized books and online courses in marine navigation
  • Please contact us if you need more information about our expertise...


    The graphics above are an example of products for public communication of BioServe. The upper poster depicts the marine live in the baltic sea; the lower poster depicts the changes in biodiversity in a ceratin area in the baltic sea, comparing the years 1990 and 2015. Both graphics are displayed at well frequented places at the shoreline of the Öresund.