Our story

BioServe was established 1988 in Landskrona, Sweden. In addition to the head office in Landskrona, an office has opened in Bargstedt/Holtdorf, Germany in April 1999. Both offices co-operate as a partnership under civil law (GbR). BioServe offers services for natural sciences and works in co-operation with various specialized and independent companies in the field of marine research, fish biology, plant sciences and multimedia technology including a professional service for photography. BioServe is able to offer a wide range of services, dedicated to a high quality work at all levels. More information under projects, publications and scientific and public records.

The head of BioServe-Germany, Dr. Bernd Ueberschär, studied Electrical engineering at the Technical University, Berlin, and subsequently Marine Biology, Fisheries Biology, Physical Oceanography, Biochemistry and Marine Zoology and obtained an MSc in Biology in 1985 at the University of Kiel and a PhD in Biology from the University of Hamburg. Early in his career, he worked at the Institute of Marine Sciences (IFM in Kiel) on the life strategies and ecology of marine fish larvae and juveniles and was participating as a major collaborator and board member in the compilation of Fish- and LarvalBase. His current research interests include finfish aquaculture, specifically the early life stages and their nutritional physiology, auqaponics, and fisheries biology. He has participated in numerous research projects with various topics and is encouraged in external communication and education and provided numerous presentations related to his expertise. In addition, he was a for many years partner in the Network AquaTnet, the European Thematic Network in aquaculture, fisheries and aquatic resources management, where he was active in the development of digital curricula for the application of digital tools to support teaching and learning in aquaculture and aquatic sciences education and in the Network LarvaNet (COST Action FA0801, critical success factors for fish larval production in European Aquaculture: a multidisciplinary network). Apart from dedication to research objectives, Bernd Ueberschaer is a professional photographer and operates photo drones.

The head and founder of BioServe Sweden, Dr. Rainer Weich, obtained a PhD plant physiology with focus on nutrient dynamics in seaweeds. The activities of Bioserve Sweden has focused on marine research and monitoring in swedish coastal waters. In addition, Dr. Rainer Weich is an experienced sailor and has developed navigation courses online which are alo available as books in coopoeration with a Swedish nautical officer.

Bernd Ueberschär with a Malawian master student, explaining the operation of an indoor fish hatchery.

Rainer Weich, on tour with his sailing boat.