Our main areas of expertise

R&D projects in South-East Africa

Improving Community Health-Nutrition Linkages through Solar Energy Based Fish and Crop Integrated Value Chains

Fish larval Nutrition

 Optimisation of fish larval nutrition under considerationof the development and improvement of microparticulate feed. 

Indoor Hatcheries with Solar Power Systems

Design and construction of small indoor hatcheries with solar power systems for intensive fingerling production in developing countries.


Design of small aquaponic systems with solar power for developing countries

Digital Tools in Aquatic Sciences Education

The world wide web has opened up the opportunity to educate whenever, wherever and scale up like never before.

Fisheries Biology and Fish Stock Dynamics

Monitoring and prediction of fish poulation dynamics (recruitment) is an important and indispensable resource for fish quota settings.

Publications for navigational Education

Bioserve  Sweden is specialized on navigation books for yachting, ranging from coastal to astronomical navigation.

Science-based Presentation for the Public

BioServe offers public educational presentations on levels customized to the audience. The topics covered are based on the expertise of the team members at BioServe.

Professional Photography Services

Visual content is king. BioServe provides photography services on a professional level tailored and edited for maximum impact to your needs in science related publications. Bioserve also offers a drone service for aerial pictures for e.g monitoring purposes.